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Dying moments shared on social media

When Umesh De­onar­ine’s car crashed in­to a con­crete wall in Clax­ton Bay on Fri­day night, his dy­ing mo­ments were record­ed and post­ed on so­cial me­dia. His griev­ing rel­a­tives are ap­peal­ing for peo­ple at ac­ci­dent scenes to use their phones to call for help or ren­der aid, rather than shoot videos for so­cial me­dia.

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De­onar­ine, 40, a cus­tomer clerk, was head­ing home from his work­place at Point Lisas when the ac­ci­dent oc­curred. Ac­cord­ing to a po­lice re­port, at around 8.30 pm, he was dri­ving south along the South­ern Main Road in a gold coloured Hon­da Civic. As he ap­proached the St Mar­garet’s Junc­tion, De­onar­ine swerved to avoid hit­ting a pedes­tri­an who was cross­ing the road and lost con­trol of the ve­hi­cle which crashed in­to the con­crete wall of a poul­try de­pot

A video which was wide­ly shared on so­cial me­dia showed him slumped in the dri­ver’s seat with the airbag was de­ployed. He ap­peared to be un­con­scious and his legs were crushed un­der the man­gled front of the car. The per­son record­ing the ac­ci­dent scene with his phone was heard telling peo­ple to call the po­lice and am­bu­lance

De­onar­ine died at around 10 pm while be­ing treat­ed at the San Fer­nan­do Gen­er­al Hos­pi­tal. He lived alone at Grants Road, Rousil­lac

His cousin, Anil Rat­ti­ram, who lived near­by, de­scribed him as a jovial, fam­i­ly-ori­ent­ed man. Rat­ti­ram said he was fa­mil­iar with the area the ac­ci­dent took place and of­ten ex­pressed con­cern that the poul­try de­pot build­ing had been built too close to the main road

“Dri­vers just have to stop and stretch out their hand and col­lect their chick­en,” he said

Rat­ti­ram felt that the video of his cousin’s dy­ing mo­ments was in­sen­si­tive

“The per­son record­ing the video telling oth­er peo­ple to call the am­bu­lance, call the po­lice. He is hold­ing a phone in his hand,” he lament­ed

He said dur­ing that time his cousin would have been bleed­ing out due to the in­juries to his legs. He be­lieves De­onar­ine would still be alive be if the am­bu­lance had been called soon­er

“Think of get­ting help first be­fore record­ing to go up on so­cial me­dia,” he said

De­onar­ine was the cousin of for­mer tem­po­rary Unit­ed Na­tion­al Con­gress sen­a­tor Ravi Rat­ti­ram

An au­top­sy is ex­pect­ed to be per­formed to­mor­row at the Foren­sic Sci­ence Cen­tre in St James. Cpl Richard­son of the St Mar­garets Po­lice Sta­tion is in­ves­ti­gat­ing