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Director of Agriculture Offers Insight on Pest Control Plan

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Director of Agriculture Offers Insight on Pest Control Plan

The Department of Agriculture intends to create a task-force and construct monkey houses and electric fences to aid in controlling pests that wreak havoc on crops causing a heavy loss of income to farmers in St. Kitts and Nevis, Director of Agriculture, Melvin James, the Department of Agriculture indicated.

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“We will have farmer representative, persons also from the Department of Agriculture, [as well as] persons who are interested in managing these creatures,” Mr. James said in reference to the task force. “We think that there are several thousands more (pest) than ideal and so we are looking at multiple strategies

“Some farmers will be assisted with what you call a sort of monkey house, where you build a structure using chicken wire or mesh that prevent them (the pests) from getting access to the crop,” he added. “You can put high-valued crops inside there like seasonings and lettuce.”

The Director also highlighted other prevention methods, including the construction of electric fences and scare-crows. Mr. James said although deterrence is a great option, the population of invasive animals must also be reduced